Yes, you can leave kitty home alone ….

November 13th, 2009 by Hilda No comments »

Not to worry! urban catsitters, the professional cat care service founded in 1995, will care for your cat(s) in the comfort of his or her own home territory. Featured in the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Sunday Telegram, Mainebiz, and on WBLM and WGME-Channel 13, urban catsitters has become known for personalized services including:

  • daily feeding & fresh water
  • scooping & changing the litterbox(s)
  • cleaning up hairballs, etc.
  • administering medications (including insulin)
  • transporting to veterinarian or
  • groomer if needed (Kitty Kab)

  • combing and nail clipping
  • kitty games, lap time, bedtime stories and more!

Additionally, security measures such as turning a light on/off, opening/closing curtains and bringing in the mail may be requested at no extra charge.

urban catsitters reserves the right to refuse
service in cases of severe flea infestation, ringworm or other highly contagious situations.